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  • Posted on October 24, 2014 
    ATTENTION SERVICE PROVIDERS: Golden Gate Regional Center is mailing information to all GGRC vendors (with the exception of family member vendors) to provide important information regarding the required updating of every vendor's Applicant/Vendor Disclosure Statement (DS 1891). 
    In addition to the above, the mailings include an enrollment form for GGRC's new service provider web portal, as well as information about portal-related webinars and trainings.  (The portal was developed to screen Applicant/Vendor Disclosure Statements.) 
    If you have not yet received a letter and form, please contact GGRC at
    Also, thank you to all the vendors who attended the web portal webinar on October 22nd.  The next and final webinar will be held on October 27th; please consult the letter you received for information about registration.
    If you are not able to view the webinar, or would simply like to have something to reference in registering for and using the portal, please see the "How to" slide deck and instructions made available for these purposes.
  • Posted on October 21, 2014 
    Golden Gate Regional Center has updated its directory of current service providers.  The directory includes the GGRC vendor number, the type of services provided, the mailing address, the phone number and the email address (if one exists) for every GGRC service provider.
  • Posted on October 16, 2014 
    California's Health and Human Services Secretary, Diana S. Dooley, has reconvened the state's Developmental Services Task Force.  Issues currently being examined by the Task Force, which last met October 8th, include system sustainability, healthcare, housing and employment.  Give your input to the Task Force by sending a letter or email to Secretary Dooley.  (GGRC has, in collaboration with members of the community, developed a template that can be used as the basis for such a letter or email.) 

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